Pen names and some of the book covers to each series:

Jon Sharpe

TRAILSMAN---He has done over a hundred Trailsman books under this name.

Don Pendleton

BOLAN---17 Bolan's, 9 regular Bolan's and 8 Super Bolan's.

David Thompson

WILDERNESS series---Over 75 novels to date in this immensely popular Mountain Man series.

DAVY CROCKETT---King of the Wild Frontier. Eight books so far.

Jake McMasters

WHITE APACHE---10 books in a series as realistic as the best of the West should be.

John Killdeer

MOUNTAIN MAJESTY---Books #7 & #8.

Dean McElwain

PREACHER’S LAW---#5 Slaughter at Ten Sleep

J.D. Cameron

OMEGA SUB---#2---#4---#5---#6. Underwater adventures that will have you on the edge of your chair.

David Robbins is the author of over 300 books, under his own name and a number of pen names, ranging from Science Fiction, Horror, and Mystery, to Westerns and Adventure. He has also done Non-Fiction. His work has been published in nine languages.

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Books Written

As David Robbins:

ENDWORLD series---An exciting apocalyptic series that has been selling well for 30 years.

BLADE series---13 books, a spin-off of ENDWORLD.

DIABLO---Fabulous Western romance.

RETURN OF THE VIRGINIAN---Brilliant sequel to the greatest Western ever written.

MEN OF HONOR---This courageous story about the extraordinary life and distinguished career of Carl Brashear--the first African-American master chief navy diver--has been made into a major motion picture starring Robert Deniro, Cuba Gooding, Jr., and Charlize Theron. This edition includes an exclusive interview with Brashear, an Introduction written by him, and a Preface by the movie director, George Tillman.

PROOF OF LIFE---A novelization based on the Warner Bros. feature film, starring Meg Ryan, Russell Crowe, and David Caruso. Based on actual events, the film revolves around a high-level executive who is kidnapped by a terrorist faction and held for ransom.

TWISTED---A novelization based on Paramount Pictures feature film, starring Ashley Judd, Samuel L. Jackson and Andy Garcia. A female police detective is set to a case where she discovers all the murder victims are her past boyfriends.

HEAVY TRAFFIC---The true accounts of the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) casefiles and its relationship to narco-terrorism.


THE WERELING---And you thought you knew werewolves? Prepared to be SCARED!
THE WRATH---The plague to end all plagues. It will give you goosebumps from beginning to end.
SPECTRE---A thrill-a-minute mystery and one of the greatest creatures in all of horrordom.
HELLOWEEN---You will never want to go into a cave again.
PRANK NIGHT---For all fans of the Twiliight Zone and the Outer Limits.
SPOOK NIGHT---”one of the best-written horror novels ever”.
BLOOD CULT---Long before cults were making the news, this chiller was racking up sales.

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