Well, we have this really fun egroup going. Does that count?

David Robbins eGroup

Career-wise, David continues to write the WILDERNESS series under David Robbins. He has stopped using the pen name 'David Thompson'. The WILDERNESS series, ENDWORLD, and other novels of his are being published by Mad Hornet Pub.For more information go to the links on the home page.

Exciting news? The revival of ENDWORLD!!! Fans have been begging David to write more ENDWORLDS for over a decade and at last a new novel has been published. DOOMSDAY is here in April of 2009!! It is the prequel to the series ENDWORLD. Kurt Carpenter, the eccentric movie mogul, has built a compound in a remote region of Minnesota. World War III, the nightmare everyone has dreaded, has erupted. DOOMSDAY begins with the End. That final mad rush to save yourself and the chaos and terror that surround it. News alerts blare as events unfold. Those people who were hand picked begin their journey to safety. Or is it?

Tension builds, the plot thickens and as always David Robbins writes cliffhangers that keep you on the edge of your seat. You can't put it down! It is a story of hope in a time of despair. I've read post apocalyptic novels before, but never with hope, humor and horror so perfectly meshed.

Katt, aka The Fan Club President :)

Here with my heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you who took the time to email or write Dorchester about WILDERNESS. Yes, the series will be renewed!!! Sales continue to be great, and Dorchester is quite pleased with the series.

David :)