by Jake McMasters

Set in the violent Old West, this new series follows Clay Taggart as he hunts the cutthroats who left him for dead. Strung up and left to die by a posse headed by the richest man in the territory, Taggart is cut down by a ragtag band of Apaches, who join him in a deadly alliance.

Left for dead, a hangman's noose around his neck, Taggart struggles to free himself and then, together with a band of desperate renegade warriors, sets off to seek his revenge.

Set in the Old West, the White Apache series follows Clay Taggart, as he hunts the murderers who left him for dead. In #3, Taggart learns that nearly everyone in Arizona is after his scalp. But neither friend nor foe will send the White Apache to Boot Hill, and anyone who takes aim at Taggart has signed his own death warrant.

Pursuing his quest for revenge in such a way that he has become a feared and hated figure to the settlers of the Arizona Territory, the White Apache meets his match in Quick Killer, a bloodthirsty army scout.

Encountering a ragged bunch of Apache misfits, Taggard makes them into fiercest fighters in the Southwest, until a rebellion among the band turns them against him, forcing Taggard to battle for his life and reform the men he created.

Clay Taggart and his wild Apaches are out for revenge, and it will take more than brute strength to defeat them--but a rival chieftain learns that the face of a friend can hide the heart of an enemy.

Struggling with rejection by both the white men and the Apaches, Clay Taggart longs for the day when he can clear his name while confronting the bounty hunters who appear at every turn.

Clay Taggart and his band of renegade Apaches threaten to feed a bloodthirsty trio of bounty hunters to the wolves on the blazing Arizona plain of the 1880s.

Although his enemies called him a desperado, CLay Taggart was in innocent man on the run. From the Arizona Territory to Mexico, Taggart and a crew of Apaches blazed a trail of vengence. When the territorial governor offered Taggart a chance to clear his name, the deadliest tracker in the West set his sights on the White Apache--and prepared to blast him to hell.

Although Clay Taggert had been strung up and left to rot under the burning desert sun, he wasn't about to play dead. After a band of Indians rescued Taggert, he hunted down his enemies one by one. But when Taggert set his sights on a corrupt marshal, he found that the long arm of the law might just have more muscle than he expected.