by David Robbins



Now called Androxia, the city of Houston had been taken over by the Superiors, a race of androids developed by NASA before the war. Masterpieces of perfect evil, they planned to take over the world, forcing all humans to live in slavery. Unless the Alpha Triad could stop them, every man, woman and child would be doomed to a life of pain and cruelty.


"Damn!" Blade fumed, and burst from the stairwell, activating the whip. He plunged into the mass of troopers, swinging the whip like a madman, cracking it left and right, sparks flying as the whip crackled and sizzled.

Bedlam ensued. Crammed close together, the troopers were unable to fan out, unable to avoid the terrible whip. Some of them screeched as their bodies were jolted by a blow from the lash. Others endeavored to bring their batons into action, without success.

Blade whirled in one direction, then another, his right arm constantly in motion, knowing he couldn't afford to slacken his pace for an instant. The muscles in his right arm bulged as he flicked the whip every which way. He slashed a trooper's neck open and sent the trooper hurtling into those nearby. To the left he seared a trooper's eyes. The trooper was flung backwards plowing into others, upending them in a tangle of limbs....