by David Robbins



Camped out near an isolated lake with his wife and son, Blade thought he had finally escaped the horrors that followed the Big Blast. But in a land where life was a deadly game, there was no peace. Blade faced a greater danger in the secluded retreat that he had in any nuked-out-city-and it was up to him alone to save his family from a fate worse than death...


Blade swung into action the moment he saw Jared's hand sweep toward the holster. He lunged to his left, his huge arm encirling Jenny and Gabe. Bearing them to the ground, shielding them from the anticipated shot. Expecting to feel a searing pain as the slug tore through him, he twisted as he went down, training the Commando on the scavengers. He could see Jared sighting the Smith and Wesson, apparently intent on making an acurate shot, but the revolver wasn't aiming at Blade, Jenny or Gabe.

The scavenger was pointing the gun at something behind them.

A snarling form hurdled over the Warrior and his family, springing at the scavengers. The Smith and Wesson boomed, but the shot missed. Before Jared could fire again a feral feline landed on all fours, uttered a piecing, raspy scream of rage, and launched itself at one of the scavengers....