by David Robbins



Thriving in the waters off the Pacific Coast were vicious buccaneers more barbarous and savage than the pirates of legend. Bloodthristy killers, they raided small coastal villages, stealing young girls and selling them on the black market. Now they were after a technologically advanced coast guard ship docked in British Columbia. With this new, stonger vessel, the priates would rule the seas-unless Blade and the Force drove them to a watery grave first.


I'm going to have to sneeze, Sergeant Havoc said unexpectedly.

"What?" the priate asked.

"Sneeze," Havoc repeated, and faked doing just that, raising his flattened, tied hands to his nose and bending forward. He opened his mouth wide, as if about to sneeze, and for the space of a heartbeat his head was clear of the pirate's line of fire. He whipped his arms to the right, knocking Alberni's gun arm aside, then pulled the pirate toward him, and rammed his forehead into the man's nose with all his might. He felt and heard the crunch of caritlage and bone.

Alberni squealed and attempted to bring the gun into play.

Sergeant Havoc speared his fingertips into the priate's throat. Alberni dropped the Colt, sputtering and gasping, and clutched at his neck.

Havoc battered Alberni's hands aside and arced the flat of his calloused hands into the brigand's neck.

Blood spurted from Alberni's nose and mouth, and he gurgled loudly as he tried to rise, to flee...