by David Robbins



Chief among the Force's adversaries, the Lords of Kismet had suffered one defeat after another. But from their Asian homeland, they brought a diabolical secret weapon-ancient shapeshifters that thrived on human flesh. Determined to destroy the Force, the Lords of Kismet lured them into a remote California valley. Unwittingly, Blade and his comrades stumbled into what might be the last battle they ever fought-a battle to the death in which their foe might wear the face of a friend.


Eight feet away, a pronounced pout creasing her cherry-red mouth, was the girl. She vented a short hiss of annoyance and turned to the fence once more.

"You'll be killed," Havoc cried, on his hands and knees, and made a helpless gesture toward her.

An instinctive reaction prompted Blade to rise in an attempt to prevent the child from touching the lethal enclosure.

Glaring at them both, the girl sneered and pressed her flat palms against the links. A sharp crackling ensued and brilliant sparks of electricity danced about her fingers. She arched her back, her lips drawing back to reveal her neat, white teeth. For five seconds her entire body trembled.

Blade had to grab Havoc to stop the man from lunging at her. He watched in amazement as the trembling subsided and the girl suddenly threw back her head and cackled. A ripple coursed up and down his spine at what she did next.

The child started climbing the fence!